Think About It – Why People Should Leave Mega Church Pastors Alone

mega church choiceI follow a few so-called mega churches and their pastors. Usually if the pastor posts something there are always a few people on their timeline who are speaking against their ministries due to the size. I find it quite comical that these same people actually use the bible to justify their statements. If they really understood the bible it does not dictate the size of a congregation as we know them today but the bible has examples that prove that modern-day large churches are not new.

Moses was one of the first “pastors” of a “mega church.” He was responsible for leading, praying for, and protecting twelve tribes of people. The bible never tells us the exact number of people in each tribe but it does tell us that God had Moses to appoint an elder from each tribe due to its size. Even though God had Moses to appoint help it did not take away from his role as the “pastor” of all twelve tribes.

Well if you don’t like that example, Jesus taught to a multitude of people. They came from all over the place to hear him teach. The bible says that he fed 5000 men and that number does not even include women and children that were also present. This was the case almost every time that he ministered.

Paul preached all over and became a prolific writer to several churches as well but I digress. My point is why are people so bent out of shape about the size of someone’s church? Think about it. Why do they care? Let me step away from this topic just briefly to say that no one gets upset with the size of any sports arena in the world that is filled to capacity, the number of students at an Ivy League school, or the number of fans that an entertainer has. It’s only when we talk about church that it becomes a problem.

Could it be that the problem is not really with the pastor of the so-called mega church but with the people who make a choice to attend their church with thousands of other members? Think about it. What do the people who complain want from these pastors? Do they want them to have a member limit and redirect members to other neighboring churches like a hospital that is on bypass? Would they suggest that they bus new members over the limit to their church?

The members are the ones who make the choice to attend the mega church, not the pastor. The pastor only preaches the word as God gives it to them and the people decide if the seat that they sat in for that day feels like home. Some people have large families and some have small families. The church is no different. The only difference is that church members are able to choose their church family.

I wish that there was a way for me to have this conversation with everyone that ever spoke against a mega church. I wish that I could get them to really think about who really has the choice in membership. My only prayer is that they would leave the pastors of mega churches alone and focus on more important things — non-believers. I wish that they would focus on sharing the gospel with non-believers so that God’s “mega church” can grow for His glory.

Just another day’s journey of thinking about why people should leave mega church pastors alone. Peace.

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