The Writer

Hi and welcome to Just Another Day’s Journey. I had a nicely written bio with my writing resume. If you’re interested in reading that check out my LinkedIn profile. I decided to let you in on who I have been hiding for years.

headshotMy name is Michelle Adams and I absolutely love writing. I am a daughter of a parent with schizophrenia raised by her two younger sisters. I had two brothers, one of whom I never met. I was raised with my two cousins who I call my sisters. I have 3 boys and had 1 dog (he’s being cared for by a family member). I am a grandmother of 3 girls and 2 boys, all of whom have stolen my heart. I am married to my best friend and he supports all of my crazy ideas.

I love amusement parks and roller skating but they don’t love me as much these days due to aging and injuries. I have a new love of running in which I promise to write about one day. I love reading and learning new things including swimming at 40+ years old :). I desire to travel and learn how to ski but we will see what the future brings.

I am inspired to write about almost anything but I don’t always share it. I have learned the art of putting some things in my journal simply because it might be too confusing to follow. It can get really crazy in there if I don’t reign myself back in. lol

I love to encourage people to live the life they would if there were no rules. I don’t like when people live their life as a victim. I despise when people forget that it’s perfectly fine to agree to disagree. I jump for joy when people receive good news. I cry when I’m angry, happy, or sad. I don’t like bullies especially those that are adults. I celebrate those who are brave enough to take a stand for those who don’t believe they have a voice. I can sometimes feel the emotional pain of others. I used to be afraid to share this deeply. I dream of speaking to thousands of people inspiring them to live an unstoppable life individually or on a platform. I hope that people who have lost hope learn that victory is possible with whatever they have left. I believe marriage is forever and love to encourage couples to know that they can make it.

If you want to know more join me on Just Another Day’s Journey. Peace.