It All Works Out

Listening to my pastor teach bible class the other day made me remember that I need not stress about making the right decision about my career path. He reminded us that all things work together. It’s true, too.

I can remember stressing over leaving one job to go to another so that I could work from 9 am to 5 pm as opposed to 3 pm to 11 pm. I wondered if I had made the right decision because of the cut in pay and increase in the cost of benefits. The hours offered seemed like a perfect fit for my young family but the other two things seemed wrong. I took the job and within 6 months, I was promoted to a new position to which I enjoyed. It all worked out despite my worries about if I was making the right decision.

There was another time where I agonized over leaving one company for another because I wanted better training for the position that I was in. The other company was better equipped to handle my needs. It didn’t help that I was starstruck over going to a large well-known company. How I arrived was super bumpy but I learned a lot of lessons about myself and others. Some might say that I should have stayed considering the ups and downs at the new company but I have to admit that even there, all things worked together for my good. I became better equipped to do the job for which I had.

There are other times in my life where I was faced with other decisions where I agonized over which one was best. The choices never seemed clear but I made my decision and I can say that I am no better or worse for the choice that I made. 

I wonder what are we so afraid of happening when we need to make decisions. Will this alter the outcome of our life in the future? Will the decision that we make have irreparable damage? Will we lose everything? Those are real concerns but ask yourself even with the worst case scenario, “Is it possible to come back from this?”

We all want a sort of guarantee of what will happen in the future as a result of the decisions that we make but that is not reality. We have to make a decision. Will it be this job or this job? Will it be this partner or this partner? Will it be this road or this road? Whether the results are messy or smooth, there are lessons to be learned.

Think about the decisions that left you wondering “what in the world were you thinking?” What lesson did you learn other than, don’t do that again! Was the lesson to believe in yourself as much as you believed in the person who you thought would bring you closer to where you wanted to go? Maybe the lesson was that you had what it took to go out on your own all along. Or maybe the lesson was to trust your instincts even if it feels like you might miss out on something great. 

Make a decision and trust that no matter what, it all works out. Trust yourself and do what works for you. You might just change your life for the better.

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