Patience in the Process

I have really gotten into baking the last few years or so. I went through a period when I would make brownies with walnuts. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. I learned that cutting into the brownies too early could affect the entire batch. Cut too early and the moist chocolatey goodness would become a drier mess that takes days to be eaten if at all.

Like those brownies, there is a process to get to optimum greatness before moving to the next step. There are things that must be done before you can move to the next step in your process. I know that you are eager to move on in your journey because you are afraid to lose momentum. Like those brownies, you are ready to cut into them and take a bite. But if you do, you run the risk of affecting what is remaining in the pan. Your lack of patience could affect more than just you.

A few weeks ago, I shared that I was going to have a conversation about what my career ladder could look like at my current company. While they believe in promoting within, there are guidelines to help each potential new candidate reach optimum preparedness. What that means is that even though you might be eligible to apply, some roles require that you gain more experience where you are first. 

Hearing this philosophy was hard to hear because I am on my Fresh Start journey, right? I am ready now or so I thought. After some time to think through the reason for waiting, I realized that patience in my journey would make me a better candidate. It would give me the time to observe everything from a fresh pair of eyes while giving me an opportunity to make notes along the way. I could apply for the new position and possibly be given the opportunity to be promoted into my new role but what would happen to my new and old team if I moved on too soon?

This new journey is full of what feels like starting and stopping along the way but the truth is it is one continuous journey. Everything is connected and some parts require being bold and courageous whereas others require being calm and patient. Simply put, wait your turn. 

Does the thought of having to slow down frustrate you? I encourage you to think it all the way through. What is the cause and effect of cutting into your hot out of the oven brownies in your journey? What lessons are you overlooking or discounting? What opportunities are available to you while you wait?

I plan to savor every moment until I am eligible to apply for the new position. I decided that I would behave like I have the role already by making notes about my observations along the way. I would offer more insight and guidance where appropriate and choose to listen more than I speak. I also asked for an opportunity to shadow someone in the role. 

Patience doesn’t mean sitting idle but that is a blog post for another day. What can you do while you are waiting?

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