If the Doors Close, What’s Next?

Have you ever locked your keys in the trunk of your car or in the ignition? Once you realize that the doors are locked there is this moment of sheer panic of what the heck are you going to do. In some cases, it’s as simple as pulling out the spare key to open the door. Other times it is a little more complicated.

What if the locked door represented your life? What if you made plans to achieve your goals and dreams and you get pushed out of what seemed to be an open door? That open door served as a place of comfort and the appearance of stability in your life. You thought about how you could further make contributions inside of the open door all while forgetting about your original goal. That door—that open door is now closed and locked so that you cannot return. The door is closed but that doesn’t mean that it is closed to your deepest desire, your goals, or your dreams. What’s next?

What's nextDo you attempt to break into the locked door or do you pick up your things and move on? Do you ask questions about the locked door or do you try to learn from it? Do you ask yourself, “why me” or “why not me?” Do you have a pity party or decide that this was just a detour on the way to your destiny?

There are many bumps in the road to your destiny. Some we create because we get distracted by the things that we see daily. We try to help others achieve their goals and dreams while leaving ours unattended. We give great counsel to others about how to reach their purpose while ours is collecting dust. Then the door closes shut on the opportunity that we thought was for a lifetime turns out to only be for a season. What’s next?

What's nextDo you give up and go back to what is familiar and comfortable? Do you call in the favor to say that you need to return to a place that you truly don’t belong? Do you fall in with all the other people who have lost hope in the possibility of achieving their dream or do you figure out how to make it happen? What’s next?

I have to be honest. These are all questions that I recently asked myself. Admittedly I was scared, frustrated, and somewhat stressed. No, the door is not officially closed for me but I think it is time for me to remember why I began this journey. I had to ask myself the title question. “If the doors closed today, what’s next?” That was an eye-opening question that I don’t want anyone to have to prepare to do without warning.

What's nextI did not begin my journey towards purpose to get sidetracked by overstaying my welcome assisting someone else with their purpose. That does not mean that I will not lend a helping hand along the way. It just means that I can’t take my eyes off the road on my way to my destiny.

I have learned some valuable lessons and hope that these questions reignite what is on the inside of you to help you see what’s next for you.

Accept that the door is closed to help you not to hurt you. Picture it as a bird’s nest in which it is time for you to take flight. You were actually groomed for this moment but you didn’t realize it while you were sitting comfortably in the nest. The closed-door is your launching pad to your next.

Go back to your goals and dreams. Remember the thing that you were most passionate about – not the thing that made you happy for a moment. Think about the moment that still brings you joy when you consider the possibility of accomplishing it. That is the next. Think about the thing that you would do if you never received compensation. That is your next. Think about the solution that you have to the problem that works your last nerve. That is your next.

Don’t stay stuck at the closed door. Pick up your things and do your next.

Just another day’s journey of thinking about what is next after my closed door. Peace.

NOTE: This was waaaaaaaay back in the archives but I felt it was timely. Let’s chat about what’s next for you? Do you know?

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