Why Are You Waiting?

waterThere was a man who went to a restaurant with his friends after work. He and his friends asked for water for the table and then each ordered their individual drinks. The man asked for his beverage to come out with his meal. The server finished taking the other orders and disappeared into the kitchen.

When the server reemerged he placed all the drinks on the table except for the man’s. He apologized and said it will be right out. The server came back again with the meals but still no drink. Once again the server apologized and said he would bring his drink out. Silence came over the table as the men ate and drank. The man’s drink never came. Even though his meal was spicy he did not drink the water because he chose to wait for the promised drink. One of his friends looked up from his plate and said, “Man! Drink the water!”  He told his friend that he was waiting for his drink that he had ordered. His friend told him, “Man, either you are going to drink the water or go thirsty!”

The man in the story was so busy waiting on the promised drink that he forgot about the water. How often do you want to do something different but you tell yourself that I have to wait until something else happens first? I have to wait until the kids are older, buy a house, or meet the right people.  All he wanted was to quench his thirst but he would not. He had access to something but would not take it because it was not what he really wanted.

Some of us live our lives like this. We are waiting for some special event to happen in our lives before we live, before we change, before we take the next step, before we take a risk on our dream but we are discounting the things that we have access to in the mean time. When will we stop overlooking the thing that we have access to before we begin to live the life that was meant for us?

Don’t overlook what you have now while you are waiting for your promise. Work while you are waiting. Your promise might be wrapped in a package in which you did not order.

What are you missing while you are waiting?

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