Was It Really Wasted Time?

Stop judging your life decisions. I was going to be gentle today but decided that someone else needed to know what I have just learned in the same way that I learned it. You are welcome. Life decisions are not meant to be judged but to be appreciated for the lessons that they teach us. … More Was It Really Wasted Time?

Embrace the New

The most challenging part of starting over is learning something new. We judge our present ability to do our new job based on our past experience with our old job. We beat ourselves up for missing a step in our new process as quickly and as efficiently as we did when we audited our old … More Embrace the New

Don’t Quit

Stop judging your journey. Stop comparing your journey to others. Most importantly, extend yourself some grace. The 2011 version of you did not have the wisdom, experience, or knowledge that the 2021 version of you had. … More Don’t Quit