Do You Feel Worthy to Move Forward?

10606139_10204718277897721_8840112257559121325_nThe above picture was taken last year during the weekend of my fourteenth wedding anniversary. I remember asking my husband to take a picture of me at this exclusive hotel so that I could remember what it felt like to sit in a hotel suite in downtown Chicago writing my next big idea for a book or blog. In that moment I knew that all things were possible if I trusted and believed in what God was going to do through me.

I posted that picture a few months ago as my personal profile picture along with a cover photo that that says, “When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.” If I am honest, I had a lot of days to remind myself why I started this journey.

Thoughts of feeling unworthy, inadequate, and like a failure attempted to invade my thought space but I reminded myself that if my thoughts were not true, noble, just, pure, lovely, or of good report I would not meditate on those things (Ephesians 4:8). When my confidence was failing me, I reminded myself that Philippians 1:6 said that, I was to be confident of this very thing that He Who began a good work in me would complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. I have lot more scriptures to add but my husband would say that I am preaching. LOL That is not my gift but I accept that I am on mission to do what I was called to do.

As I shared last week, I did not make all of the right decisions in this process. I wrote things just to get noticed rather than sticking to the core of who I am. I attempted to copy the style of other popular writers without considering that a part of me died each time I wrote like them. I listened to other people’s unsolicited advice about where they thought that I should write who had no connection to the vision that I believe God gave me. Worst of all, I ignored offers to write for free not realizing that they could lead to paid opportunities. I messed up but this is a new day and I will not dwell in the past. I choose to move forward.

The picture above is a reminder that there are promises for me that I have not even begun to receive or go after. I never thought that it was possible for me to stay at a hotel where the more affluent would come when they are in town. I never thought that I deserved to receive anything more than what I could realistically reach but my dear sweet husband believes the total opposite. He believes in me and prays daily that I would see who God sees. His prayers are working. 🙂

That picture is not just a portrait of me sitting at a desk that chronicles a weekend celebration of my life with the greatest husband in the world in an exclusive hotel. It is a sneak preview of things to come, if I stick with the process and follow through in my journey. There are many other blessings that are in store for me when I am obedient and patient. There is work to do and I choose to do it.

What work are you choosing to do?

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