Will You Let Perfection Rule?

cracked potI have had a busy week and I considered not writing. Each time that I sat down to write both my body and my mind betrayed me. I was either sleepy or unfocused because of all the things that I had to do.  Once I realized that my personal deadline to post had come and gone, I thought I can try again next week but… I knew that was not true.

I have an unfortunate pattern of becoming paralyzed by my attempt at perfection in certain situations. If something isn’t quite the way I pictured it, I push pause indefinitely. The sad part is that I only do this dance with things that are really important to me. I usually press forward and complete the task for someone else but my plans need extra special attention and more planning.

Who am I kidding? My pastor’s wife calls it analysis paralysis. I have tried in the past to overcome this challenge but once I fail or see potential for failure I pause indefinitely. I tried reading about people who pressed on in the face of failure to learn their secrets. I even began personally interviewing people who I admire about how they live an unstoppable life so that I can figure out how to overcome my challenge.

They all had one thing in common. If they failed or saw potential for failure they kept moving. They did not allow their circumstances to prevent them from pushing forward. They did not allow the pain of the past to push pause on their purpose. They pressed forward despite the broken picture of perfection.

A motivational speaker that had a pattern of being in abusive relationships chose to try dating again and found true love that did not hurt. A former substance abuser is now a certified alcohol and drug counselor and founded a non-profit softball team. A once quiet and unassuming founder of a non-profit organization who felt intimidated by the experience of others in her field now commands the floor when she speaks.

Although it is long past my personal deadline of completed work I am posting this more for me than you. My picture of perfection was shattered 3 days ago when I missed my first deadline and then again at 12:00 pm (CST), which is my preferred posting time.  I will not let perfection rule me.

Will you let perfection rule?

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