Don’t Allow Your Desire to Derail Your Destiny

Have you ever been solidly on your game to your destiny and then hit a road block and then find it hard to pick up momentum again or to simply get back up? That’s where I have been for the last few months or so. I had to be honest with myself as to why I kept falling back into my old patterns. It seems that I fell into them because I was afraid of not success as most people think but I was afraid of failure and rejection. I was afraid of wasting my time and quite frankly of not being accepted or respected in my chosen field.

It made me look at my present circumstance and wallow In unnecessary frustration and self pity for not being where I want to be but also not seeming to see an end to this self inflicted misery.  I have a passion to help marriages survive and to help encourage and empower people to their success story. Sadly enough I didn’t seem to have that same passion and desire for me.  I was so busy looking at my past and immediate circumstances that I could not see my future. It seemed like an impossible far off dream.

I now know today that my dream is possible and is back on track to attaining my goals. I have to remind myself on a daily basis Whose I am and Who gave me this purpose. It’s funny as I was talking to a good friend who helped me to arrive at this epiphany I remembered something that I shared with my 10 year old recently and it seemed to ring loudly in my ears. “Don’t allow your desire to derail your destiny.”  I have to not allow my present desires to derail me from where God has called me to be.  Purpose bound Destiny driven! That’s my journey

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