Growing Pains or Something Else

I’ve joined what I thought was a movement of sorts. It was something that I believed in as a concept but I’m beginning to wonder about what was shared and what is actually happening. Admittedly I am new to this but this group has been together in name for a while. The idea is a good one but it isn’t moving.

I am frustrated because on one hand I want to see it succeed but on the other hand I can’t see how we are going to make it. I’ve heard of growing pains in business but this seems like it maybe something else beyond growing pains. It makes me wonder about a lot of things. Is this organization supposed to happening? Do we have the right people? Am I supposed to be connected to it? Is there a Jonah (book of Jonah in the bible) sitting on the board who is supposed to be doing something else?

It seems that for every step we go forward we take an unexpected, unplanned, and inopportune break. I don’t know what to do? I thought that when I prayed that God gave me the go ahead to join in on the mission and vision but I am beginning to wonder. Did I hear correctly or have I served the purpose for which God intended. Letting go is hard but if it’s God’s will, so be it.  I definitely do not want to be the reason that something that is meant to help does not move forward.

Just another day’s journey of trying to figure out the difference between growing pains or something else. Peace.

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