Divine Virtual Connections

Virtual connections seem to be the way to meet new people. If you had asked me 5 or 10 years ago would I ever connect with a complete stranger online, I’d probably ask you if you were out of your mind. LOL Funny how times change. 

I have met some amazing people who have positively impacted my life to a point of purpose,  from Felicia Houston of Anointed Wives Ministry (AWM) to Kimmie Robinson of Elation Magazine to my fallen friend Dee Stewart of Christian Fiction and author of A Good Excuse to Be Bad and Someone Bad and Something Blue. All of these women have impacted my life in ways that I could not take just one blog to write about.

Our connections happened over a period of time that gave me the confidence, wisdom/knowledge, and reminder of my purpose that I needed. I am so grateful to God for these connections that I may have otherwise overlooked. I am also grateful for the people that lead us to each other. Who knew…?

Here’s to just another day’s journey of divine virtual connections. Peace.

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