If It Doesn’t Fit

Have you ever found the perfect outfit or shoe only to discover that the item remaining was not in your size? Did you attempt to try it on just in case the cut of the fabric was off a little but then you learned that it was true to size?  Just because the item was what you thought you needed or would work well with your taste does not mean that it was meant for you to have.

Since I have begun writing I have been offered new opportunities to write for others and even to speak. The opportunities seem great but not all are meant for me. Yes the timing seems great but when I consider the message that I heard a few weeks ago entitled “Have You Inquired of the Lord” I have to pray before I jump on the opportunity. It’s tempting to try something out that seems like it may be a good fit but just like the clothes or shoes if it doesn’t really fit then I should not purchase the item.

What situations in your life have you tried to make fit that was close to what you wanted or needed but you chose to keep? Is the boyfriend who takes you out to great restaurants but talks disrespectfully to you while you are there a good fit? What about the girlfriend who could hold a candle to Beyonce` but wants to control everything including the clothes that you wear when she is not around? How about the fact that you really want to be married but your mate of five plus years is not ready “yet” but is ready to move in? Is that a good fit? Then that new job that pays the right salary that is two hours away and your new baby is 4 months old and your other child is having trouble in school. Is it a good fit?

I encourage you that if something does not fit in with the purpose and plan you have for your life don’t force it. There is a reason why there was only one item left on the rack. It was not meant for you. It was meant for someone else. Your perfect fit is in another area.

Just another day’s journey of finding the right fit. Peace.

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