Answered Prayer – Focus


Our church has been on a 21 day fast entitled Reset. We had an old fashioned testimony service Friday to share how we have seen God move in our lives during the fast. I didn’t share on Friday because I didn’t think much about what had occurred for me. I minimized my story because I thought that my testimony was not much to share.

Any new or old writer will tell you that what I gained is something worth sharing because I received focus. For 21 days I did not watch television or youtube for anything other than to watch the news or to watch Bishop Jakes, my pastor, or some other message that I needed to hear. When the fast ended I expected to just go back to my old routine of morphing into some form of media but a strange thing happened today. I watched one television show and walked away.

I have been on a media fast before but this time I allowed God to change my perspective. I don’t even have a desire to sit and read facebook posts for hours from my favorite fan pages or read the timeline of my favorite person on twitter. Although I missed my videos on youtube that keep me entertained I am not drawn to sit and watch for hours. My desire is to research, read, and write. I guess when you go all in with a fast and pray that things really change. Thank God for this new focus.

Just another day’s journey to receiving an answered prayer. Peace.

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