Deal With It

This past week or so I have been hearing and reading various comments on social media outlets that have been unkind without merit in most cases. I have seen a mega church’s child be attacked for the way that she shared her heart with others, a fitness mom was attacked for the way she delivered a message of encouragement, and some pastors on television were ridiculed for the way they chose to live their life outside of the pulpit. The comments are always mixed with positive and negative words but unfortunately the negative words are heard louder.

After reading the last comment my heart was angry and then sad for those who posted negative comments because most were merely attacking rather than encouraging. Some hid behind the lie of “just trying to help.” I don’t know why but I was drawn to read comment after negative comment. I guess I was trying to understand or find truth in part of what they shared. Unfortunately what I heard was hurt and frustration with their own lives in some.

It’s funny we often judge a people by what we believe is the finished product yet we want others to consider our process. If we truly knew and understood what it took to get to where many of these people are currently in their lives maybe those who comment wouldn’t judge so harshly. Maybe they would begin to identify with how they are more alike rather than different and deal with their own stuff.

There may in fact be some things in that person’s life that needs to be addressed but the question is are the commenters the ones who will get through. The answer is no. True change comes through relationship. Likes or follows do not equal relationship.

I caution those who like to comment on everything someone has to say in person or on a computer. You would not want to silence the messenger who was meant to share their story with you nor would want to be responsible for someone missing out on a message because of  your unsolicited negative comments. Deal with your own stuff and leave the “constructive criticism” up to someone in that person’s circle.

Just another day’s journey of helping others to deal with their stuff, first. Peace.

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