Prioritizing the Important Things (My500)

Day 3 of the 500 Word Challenge.

Today’s Challenge was to get up early to write. I guess this is as early as it gets for me since my priority is to hit the elliptical, first. Much like my commitment to this challenge, I made a commitment to myself in July of last year to keep my commitments to myself in running.

Nothing and no one will keep me from that including this challenge and that’s huge for me. As I shared yesterday, I used to put a lot of people and things ahead of me. I chose them first in my priorities no matter my discomfort and then would wonder why I felt so unfulfilled and empty.

Today’s challenge is a reminder to me that even when we set new goals to make sure that we prioritize them. I could have started writing at 5:00 am this morning while I ate my banana in preparation for the work that I would do on the elliptical. I could have begun writing instead of reading my devotionals that I read while enjoying my pre-workout snack but I chose to keep the order.

In the grand scheme of things, did it really matter? Not really but I did what works for me. There was no love lost or gained as a result of writing after my workout. I chose to do both because I love them both AND I prioritized the order.

In the past, I would have chosen the order requested without considering what was most important to me and then been upset with myself for getting lost in the new priority. That’s not me anymore. I get to choose AND everyone is still standing.

It’s funny hearing those words coming from me since I have been an advocate others doing the same. I think in some way I was really encouraging myself all these years through my clients, friends and associates to prioritize their healthy desires. I finally heard AND accepted my own advice.

This morning’s challenge has also taught me the importance of beginning early enough to not feel rushed. Not just in my daily writing but in life. Since this is a challenge to write daily, writing early in the day takes the pressure off of completing the task before midnight.

My pastor’s wife mentioned this in one of her messages a few years ago. She shared with us that when you prepare or start early that if things go wrong or plans change, you are less stressed.

The last lesson learned is true of what Jeff Goins suggested. Once you accomplish your task, you get to run off that sense of accomplishment for the day. I will be cautious to not celebrate too long, as the vice president at a company that I work for shared. Celebrate AND move on. I have more to do and certainly more to write.

Here’s to prioritizing my tasks, beginning early enough to not feel pressure and celebrating along the way. (no edits ahhhh)

Just another day’s journey of learning to prioritize the important things.

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