Don’t Take Life for Granted (My500)

So teach us to number our days, That we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Psalm 90:12 NKJV


Day 2 of the 500 Word Challenge. I am enjoying this return to daily writing. I must admit that it’s a little intimidating with my past of starting and stopping but this is what I signed up for. 🙂

It seems that even has conspired to help me write with the daily scripture. I really needed this scriptural reminder to not take life for granted. Each moment is to be treasured and cherished including the challenging moments. There are lessons to be learned in everything and if I am too busy moving on to the next thing, I might just miss the lesson.

Recently, I have started doing yoga with one of my favorite YouTubers, Yoga with Adriene. Yoga teaches you to be present…

I forgot that this is supposed to be brain dumping right now without edits, right? J I will get back to the lessons from Yoga with Adriene, later. Just know that my little 24 minute workout was serious today but worth it. I think that I like yoga and running because I can measure my progress, right away. Oh yeah. I run. That story is coming soon, too.

This feels so wrong and right at the same time. I am tempted to scrap this and go a totally different route but I am committed to this for me. I guess I can let you in a little why keeping this commitment is so important to me.

For the majority of my life, I haven’t always numbered my days so to speak. I have taken my journey through life for granted. I have chosen the opinions of others over mine even if it made me uncomfortable or unsatisfied. I didn’t see it as people pleasing. I only saw it as making others happy or comfortable. I chose them over me.

See, my 500 Word Challenge is not just about writing 500 words a day. It’s about keeping my commitment to myself just as I have been keeping my commitment to me with regard to my running. It’s about keeping my commitment to things that bring me joy and peace. It’s about rediscovering or discovering the true essence of me.

What are my true likes and dislikes? What are my true disappointments and joys? What are my true opinions about life, love, and living? The 500 Word Challenge is me finding a way to number my days through words and choosing to share my process with someone else unfiltered, unedited and uncovered.

Hopefully by the end of this challenge I am doing more than just free writing that encourages, empowers or challenges others. I will have a rhythm and awareness of my love of writing that will be more intentional in doing what I love with the most authenticity that I can muster up to share. No apologies. Just me.

Here’s to another day of freewriting and sharing the journey.

Just another day’s journey of learning to number my days and gaining wisdom along the way. Peace.

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