Live, Learn and Love Yourself (My500)

Day 7 of the 500 Word Challenge. Today’s prompt is obviously a letter to my younger self. Here goes 🙂

Dear Michelle,

You are going to have some awesome opportunities that scare the heck out of you. Don’t fear them. Make the most of every moment and allow people into your circle. The important people are not judging you. Sometimes goodbye is final and sometimes it isn’t so allow your classmates and co-workers in, within reason of course. You are going to miss out on some really great relationships and experiences if you don’t. Be careful not to change the core of who you are no matter what road you take. Allow yourself the challenge. You really love sports. Don’t be afraid to learn more and fail publicly. You have a mean spike on the volleyball that just needs some control and focus. Don’t allow your writing voice to be silenced. Ask for help on how to report about your experience. Blogging is not a thing yet so you have to follow the rules about reporting the news. Date rape is a thing and your classmates need to know that from a young person’s perspective. Don’t give up so easily when it comes to your needs. Fight as hard for yourself as you do for others. Your dreams matter. Don’t settle to make others comfortable. It’s ok to stand out even if it doesn’t feel good right now. Your mother isn’t stupid or dumb. She has schizophrenia and nothing you did made her that way. It also doesn’t transfer to you by extension even if some studies show a small percentage of kids will get it. Only small minded people will pity you and try to make you feel small for this. You are more than that. Go ahead and ask for the big stuff. You are worthy of those things, too. Don’t live small under any circumstances! Do you hear me? Don’t live small. Go for the very things that make you want to run back home and hide. Don’t be afraid to fail publicly. You will survive it and life will go on. The only person who will remember that moment in detail will be you. Acknowledge it for what it was. Accept the lessons that came from it and move on. You are human. You were made fearfully and wonderfully made by God not perfect so live like you know it. Don’t protect anyone’s feelings and needs at the expense of your own. You are worth so much more than that. Speak up for yourself and don’t be afraid to walk away from a situation out of fear that there’s nothing else to have. There are many other opportunities out there. You just have not learned about it yet. There are no wasted moments so don’t hold back just in case. Give your all in everything. God has more ideas to put in your hands so you don’t have to ration what you share with the world. Love yourself like God loves you – without condition. You deserve it. Live your life like tomorrow will never come because today is all that matters. Give without expectations. Participate in the things that make you happy. Travel as much as possible. Blaze new trails even after it seems like there is nothing else to do. You are a visionary. Don’t fear her. Reign her in only for compassion sake. Speak your mind with class and tact. Trust God. His way is different but you can trust him. Embrace all the things that society tries to tell you that you shouldn’t embrace. Test whether or not YOU truly like or dislike something and not because someone tell you what you should do. Start as many businesses and foundations as you want. Did I tell you don’t be afraid to write what you want? Don’t fear a thing. Every experience, every challenge, every tragedy, every triumph, every tear, every laugh, every heartthrob, every heartbreak has a purpose. Don’t dismiss it. Don’t rationalize it. Don’t explain it away. Don’t minimize it. Stand in it. Revel in it. Learn from it and choose to live. And if you ever forget these things talk to my good Friend. He will promises to guide you if you let him have control. You know how you are. I love you to life. Be cool little mama.

Love always,

The Me Who Chooses to Live, Learn and Love

Just another day’s journey of reminding the inner me to live, learn and love. Peace.

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