How to Overcome Fear with Confidence (My500)

Day 9 of the 500 Word Challenge. Teach something.

Today was my first day returning to learn how to swim. With determination and little nervousness, I walked into the women’s locker room to change into my swim clothes. I walked did this weird walk on tip toes because I didn’t have on pool shoes or flip flops for the cold pool floor. Everything in me was screaming run yet I had this peace in me that decided that the time had come to return to the pool and try again.

My teacher, a very sweet, caring and patient woman instructed me to get in the pool. I saw what looked like she might jump in so I eased in to avoid getting splashed before getting used to the water temperature. After telling me that I was the only student, she jumped right into teaching. Step by step she made me feel more and more comfortable in the water.

I was doing pretty good until she wanted me to combine the things that I had learned all into the next step. She wanted me to push off from the wall, then blow out the air and kick. I was doing good doing them individually but together…I wasn’t ready or so I thought. I was so terrified that I almost cried but then my teacher quoted part of one of my favorite scriptures Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

That took me back to my lessons on the pavement so I decided to push through. I told myself don’t think about it. Just do it. I went back through the beginning steps of putting my face in the water until I was comfortable and I pushed off. Proud moment for me and my teacher. She had me to repeat those steps and encouraged me to do the same things to prepare me if I needed to. I did a few times and I made it!

Is there some goal that you want to achieve that is scaring the crap out of you? Do you want to overcome your challenge? Conquer a goal? Stop overthinking it and do it. What’s the worse that could happen? You might fail or it may not come out perfectly but you would have accomplished it.

One of my business mentors told me last year that confidence comes from doing the thing that you are afraid of consistently and repeatedly. I can tell you without a doubt that he was right because after a few times of running that swimming drill, I felt more confident. No. I am not swimming the length of the pool but I will.

What can you accomplish by doing it afraid consistently and repeatedly?

Here’s to you accomplishing your goals that scare the heck out of you!

Just another day’s journey of learning how to overcome my fears with confidence!

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