Remembering Why I Write (My500)

Day 10 of the 500 Word Challenge. Write about writing.

I cannot believe that I have been at this for 10 days already. Writing in a journal for 10 days straight is one thing but completing a writing challenge with no edits is an entirely different ball of wax. This has been somewhat cathartic as this has caused me to dig deep and share whether I am ready or not. I know that I chose this format but it was necessary to keep me accountable to the full challenge.

My favorite part of writing is the ability to discover new perspectives and thoughts that I am able to empty out on the page. I am an analytical person so putting my many thoughts down has actually helped me to rest better. Writing has also helped to develop new ideas and concepts to share further down the road.

Ironically the thing that I hate the most about writing is sharing my thoughts. My classmate lovingly shared with me once that I needed to dig deeper in my writing. In short, I needed to be more transparent. I can be awfully cryptic in my writing sometimes so remembering to be more personal can be a challenge. I struggle with knowing just how much to share and not to share.

Funny enough because I am looking to serve people who are as private as I am, I agonize over following through for their sake. I imagine that there is another me somewhere who always encourages everyone else and acts as if she has it all together but secretly struggles with needing the same level of encouragement. I imagine that she needs someone to push her as hard as she pushes everyone else. I imagine that she needs someone in her corner telling her that people will be ok if she says no and chooses her first. I imagine that every single thing that I need to hear for myself that she gets to read it for the first time because I chose to be as transparent as I need to be for both her and myself.

The reader that I write for most often is me because if it speaks to me, I know that it will speak to someone else like me. Do you know your why?

Here’s to the writer and the reader who finds each other!

Just another day’s journey of remembering why I write.

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