How Are You Really Doing?

Recently, I sent an email acknowledging the year that we have had as we memorialize a year of being in quarantine. I addressed all the challenges that we have faced as individuals and as a club. Social injustices, political upheaval, grief over the loss of loved ones all while quarantining away from our support system.

My heart must have taken over because I began to remind my club members about the fact that I am in therapy. I shared with them that if there was ever a time to get help from a mental health professional that this is the time to consider it. I felt strong in the moment as I encouraged my club members to treat their mental health with the same care that they do for their physical health. 

Somewhere after hitting send, I questioned if I was doing too much. I wasn’t. People need to know that it is perfectly fine to seek professional help for their mental health. One member emailed me back and thanked me for encouraging our club members to take care of themselves. If no one else responds, that email response made it all worth it. 

Just that brief moment of vulnerability and transparency. That moment of sharing my truth and encouraging others to care for their mental health was a moment that made my club member know that they were in the right place. I recognize how important that is, as someone who has struggled with the stigma and shame of even the topic of mental health for years because of my biological mother’s mental health diagnosis. I can share without much shame, today. That’s my truth.

Now, how are you doing after a year that we have all had? Are you feeling anxious or overwhelmed? Make an appointment with a mental health professional. Have you been feeling blue for two or more weeks? Make an appointment with a mental health professional. Not sure where to find one? Begin with your primary doctor. They can guide you.

Do you go to therapy or are you considering going? Let’s talk about it below.

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