Hello Old Friend

Photo by Michelle Adams

I ran into an old friend recently and she reminded me of why I write. That old friend was me. My original blog was signed Promise Receiver but I put her to rest because I hadn’t learned to be okay with transparency. I would pour my heart out with the intention of being partially anonymous but when I was challenged to share beyond my safe space on MySpace (I know that I have aged myself) and create a blog independent of it, I went back into hiding. 

My late mentor would tell me that I was a writer to which I would cringe at the mere thought that I was. I ran in the opposite direction any time someone would find me out. Compliments about my blog would make me run because it was almost like an open diary that I intentionally shared. I was more comfortable talking to strangers than I was talking to people who I actually knew. Weird. I know.

Therapy has helped me to get comfortable with my story and what I choose to share. I choose to not be ashamed of my life story and the challenges that come with that. So when I ran into my old friend it brought a smile to my face. When I didn’t think about who would read what I wrote, I shared as vulnerably as humanly possible. It was raw and unfettered without the worry of feeling too exposed. 

I have breathed new life into this blog more times than I care to remember. I guess the reminder of who I am was overdue. I needed to be reminded that I was predestined, called, justified, and glorified by my creator (ref. Romans 8:30). I needed to remember that all things work together for the good. (ref. Romans 8:28). I needed to remember that just because I don’t sign my blog post Promise Receiver anymore that I am still a promise receiver. 

I hope that you are ok with the slight shift but if you are not, I understand. Thank you for coming along on this journey with me up to this point. If you choose to stay and continue this journey with me, buckle up. I have missed this soul-baring woman who talked about what was on my heart more freely. 

Promise Receiver.

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