Day 1 Journey Back – What Now?

This year began with a bang. Three days into the new year, while my husband was ohhhh about 1000 miles away, I had a rollover. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was on my way to work and hit a patch of “black ice” on a curve. The car twisted and instead of me turning into the curve as I knew to do, I turned in the opposite direction. The car began to spin out of control and the next thing I knew I hit the curb. The rest only God could explain. See according to the “Officer Friendly” I missed the light post by inches. The car apparently hit the curb by the curb and some how slid just pass the light post and then the car began to rolled. The strength of the impact was so hard, my wig was twisted. Sounds funny now but it was definitely no laughing matter, then. My car landed top down. Everything was seeming to happen in slow motion. I remember being strangely calm but panicked at the same time. Once the car stopped rolling, I pushed the button on the seatbelt to but the seatbelt would not release me because of the weight of my body on the belt. I began to cry a little as I panicked and then I placed my feet on the floor as I hung suspended by the seatbelt that kept me from crashing through the glass. I pushed the button one last time on the seatbelt and down I came. I was now walking on the ceiling of the car. I grabbed my purse, looked and my lunch bag and then tried the doors to get out. I was stuck. I began to cry and panick more. I attempted to kick the window but just then I saw a pair of brown men’s shoes. The brown shoe man pulled the door open. I said thank you all through cries but I never saw his face. A woman walked up to me to check to see if I was ok. I remember looking at her and then my hands as I shook them. I don’t know if I was checking to make sure I was alive or if I was just in shock. the lady asked again, “Ma’am are you ok.” I still did not respond but I followed her lead. She lead me to the curb where the car probably slid to sit. I looked back at the car and cried even more. I tried to get my cell phone out to call my husband who was 1000 miles away.  The woman then decided that I should cross the street just in case the car was going to blow up. I just stared at the my midnight blue 2005 Ford Taurus in total disbelief as I tried to call my husband repeatedly until he finally answered. I dialed the acting supervisor and told her what happened through tears. I then called my mother and told her what was going on. That is something I will never forget. I am grateful that I made it out alive and am curious on what does God want from me. What now?

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