Know it All

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who seems to have all of the answers? It is absolutely the most annoying thing to happen to me in a conversation. How about a person who always has experienced what you have experienced or knows someone who “did that too?” My pastor’s wife lovingly calls that person a “topper.” If it happens every once in a while conversing with someone it’s not too bad. You think the person is identifying with you but what if it happens all the time. What if they cut you off before you can speak?

How often do we do that with God when He is speaking to us? He is speaking to us clearly and we tell Him how we know this and we know that before he can finish his instructions to us. What about when we cut him off mid-breath to say how well we did something that he actually did through us…never giving him credit.

I would say that I am a reformed know it all and topper but I am in recovery. Instead of commenting when someone is saying something that I think my vast array of wisdom would be appreciated (sarcasm) I simply sit silently and listen. it get’s hard to sit and listen to other people rant about things that would need my expertise but I do it out of respect. In the same way that I do that for someone of whom I am engaged in a conversation, I try to do the same for God.

It is because of His grace that I am able to sit still and listen to others. His peace rests on me and sometimes it sits on me. (lol still in recovery) I am learning to listen to His wisdom and gentle guiding rather than try to talk over Him. It’s a process. What helps me is remembering a simple scripture. Isaiah 55:8 says, ““For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord.”

I know I rambled today but hopefully tomorrow’s thoughts will be clearer.

After all it is Just Another Day’s Journey. Peace.

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