Just Another Day’s Journey at Work

Have you ever wondered about what your purpose and began to dream of what you want to really do or thought about what drives you? Well I dream of a lot of things to do but I can’t say that I know what really drives me other than empowering people to their full potential. Ironically i am still trying to find my “full potential.”

The funny thing is even though I am not clear on what I want to do with the rest of my life, I know for sure what I don’t want to do. I do not want to continue to work in addictions. When I first began it was new and exciting. I would even venture to say that it was refreshing but it’s seemed to lose it’s luster with me. Maybe it is all the politics that goes into my program of what needs to be done from a programmatic standpoint versus what needs to be done in terms of patient care. 

I can almost empathize with why my clients feeling hopeless because of all the barriers that are present when they are ready to stop using. I have almost thrown in the towel and said that I can’t take it any more but then my client shows me that they see hope and we see it together. Maybe that is God’s way of reminding me that he is in control and I have to be patient and obedient to the process. It all works out in the end.

My clients who are ready to stop using drugs learn that same lesson. Their sobriety is a process that requires patience and following a certain protocol. I guess if either of us gave up we wouldn’t find out that hope is around the corner,

Glad I listened to God instead of my frustrations and stayed for just another day’s journey. Peace.

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