Recovered and Restored: A Journey to Recovery

If you have been following me for a while you know that I have a passion for sharing the lessons I’ve learned by working in addictions treatment with you. Recently I was afforded the opportunity to share a story with Elation Magazine of someone who is recovered and restored from a life that seemed unmanageable until he surrendered. Read his story and be encouraged that victory is still possible for you or someone that you love.

Almost 20 years ago Craig Williams began the journey to recovery. Like so many others his recovery began with submitting to something greater than himself and admitting that he could not do it without the help of God. He was challenged by a friend and mentor to stop “being so busy helping everyone else and to help himself.” That day would prove to be the words that Craig needed to hear to begin to recover and rebuild his life.

At the worst of his active addiction he shares that he would get up early with his mother who was going to work so that he could go to the liquor store and would still be out when his mother arrived home. Craig could feel the sorrow of his mother during this time but the pull of his addiction was so strong that he continued on until he met Mr. Gipson who shared those words of wisdom with him. He had to make a decision to either continue in active addiction or try treatment again and stay stopped.

Mr. Williams defied the myth of the non-working always on the street hustling addict. He had worked many jobs including working his way up to a supervisory position fixing computers. The work ethic that his mother taught him as a young man and the favor of God afforded…(click here to read the rest of the story)

Just another day’s journey to knowing that you can be recovered and restored. Peace.

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