Dirty Little Secret: A Story of Overcoming Domestic Violence in the Church

Every year in October we hear about Domestic Violence Awareness Month. We hear tragic stories of death and sometimes victorious stories of survival. Unfortunately November 1 someone is still suffering and struggling with whether or not they should get out or just stay because “he’s really sorry and is going to change this time.”

We hear statistics about how often a woman is beaten in the country of origin to the story, how many work days are missed due to injuries, the number of visits to the hospital and the number of times a woman leaves. Yet in January a nameless and faceless woman will experience abuse at the hands of someone who she believes loves her and will get better for her.

There are rallies to tell women that they don’t have to walk the journey to safety alone, that they are beautiful, and worth saving. Unfortunately there’s a group that gets overlooked more than men that are abused – Christian wives. They are overlooked typically because it’s one of those dirty little secrets that are best taken care of behind closed doors (sarcasm).

The shame alone that comes from further victimizing the abused is enough to keep a lid on it but every now and again you meet a brave soul who is willing to share that ugly truth. The ugly truth that there are members of the congregation who are suffering and have suffered the same journey as so many other women.

Our editor in chief, Kimmie Robinson shares her story of overcoming…click here to read the rest of the story.

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