Starting Over

Starting over can seem like the hardest thing someone will ever do. You stand at the base of the rubble of what was and question everything that you ever knew or thought you knew. The life that you had planned for yourself and dreamed up never seemed to take hold or maybe it did. It all doesn’t matter now because those things didn’t happen or has faded, crumbled, fallen apart. Yet they say it’s time to start over.

Who wants to do that. Even though starting over presents its own set of challenges it’s not as bad as staying there at the base of the rubble as if it will rise again. We have to take what survived and move forward. Sometimes that means picking ourselves up out of the dust, out of the rubble, or out of the wreck we call our lives and going out to find something new.

We cannot chase what was unless we want to be stuck. As much as we would like to be the same person we were before whatever major change happened to us, we are not. We have to choose to accept that if we are to move forward. WE have to acknowledge that something has happened in our lives of which we had no control. Once we do that we can begin to repair our past and move forward.

Maybe one day I will share with you my pile of rubble but if not just know that I learned how take just another day’s journey to start over. Peace.

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