What Draws You?

I admit it I am a bit of a facebook stalker. smhl Yes I am one of the facebook friends that goes around reading stats, posts, and group discussions without ever saying a word. (well sometimes) I do this not because I am nosey but because I learn some things about people that I wouldn’t otherwise get a chance to learn. Social media is the main way people communicate with each other and I find that people communicate their truth in less of a guarded way than if we were having a casual conversation.

The person who vents is not really a concern for me because those people would probably vent in person to the person closest to them. The person who concerns me is the one who wants to appear to have it all together and doesn’t seem to participate in messy things but posts things that evoke negative feelings and judgement. That bothers me and worries me, too.

That makes me question what draws you to this type of stuff. It makes me reevaluate our past conversations and wonder is this just a person trying to engage in an intelligent conversation and seeking the opinion of others or are they throwing a 3 ounce steak to a hungry pack of wolves and enjoying the show that happens after? I believe the latter if it happens too often and then I ask myself what drew us to each other? if I can’t answer the question then I need to begin to pray about what value or purpose does this person have in my life. Am I suppose to be light to this person or nothing at all.

I take my relationships seriously and don’t want to waste time or virtual space with people in this part of my life that God has not said belongs there. I pray that if you have to make the same decision as I do that God gives you peace about the decision that needs to be made and that you are obedient to the instruction.

Here’s to another day’s journey of learning what draws you and others. Peace.

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