Tough Love

As a parent we show our love to our children not only by giving them what they want but also by giving them what they need. What they need may not always feel good to them but is necessary for growth. My husband and I have been trying to work with our youngest child on … More Tough Love

Aaaaaaand Action! Be a doer and not just a hearer.

Before production of a movie or television show begins the actors sit at a table together with the writers to read through the script. Sometimes the actors or writers may offer a rewrite during this time with little to no action in the room (unless there is a comedian or prankster in the room). While they are … More Aaaaaaand Action! Be a doer and not just a hearer.

Simply Not Ready

I was sitting here thinking about this organization where I am board member and wondering about my role within the organization. From the time that I have been connected in some way to this organization I have had questions about almost everything and they have not all been positive. I would shrug it off as … More Simply Not Ready

Dang Reflux

This mission to get off of omeprazole just got more serious. I am losing hair. I am a natural by suggestion of my hairstylist due to what, hair loss! I read the side effects for my medicine and saw that but of course I wanted relief from my GERD symptoms more than my hair at … More Dang Reflux

What Draws You?

I admit it I am a bit of a facebook stalker. smhl Yes I am one of the facebook friends that goes around reading stats, posts, and group discussions without ever saying a word. (well sometimes) I do this not because I am nosey but because I learn some things about people that I wouldn’t … More What Draws You?

Starting Over

Starting over can seem like the hardest thing someone will ever do. You stand at the base of the rubble of what was and question everything that you ever knew or thought you knew. The life that you had planned for yourself and dreamed up never seemed to take hold or maybe it did. It … More Starting Over