Aaaaaaand Action! Be a doer and not just a hearer.

Before production of a movie or television show begins the actors sit at a table together with the writers to read through the script. Sometimes the actors or writers may offer a rewrite during this time with little to no action in the room (unless there is a comedian or prankster in the room). While they are reading the script there is absolutely no filming of the movie or television show going on. The actors are getting a better feel for the character and the writers are hearing their words come alive with live voices but there is no action. No one is physically moving around making the words come alive with action. They are just reading the words.

Could you imagine going to an action movie and seeing a round table of your favorite actors reading the script and nothing else? While God may be happy that we read His words, His desire is that we practice what we hear (ref. James 1:22). He wants us to practice unconditional love for our brother and sister. He wants us to practice self-control even when we are angry beyond words. He wants us to practice patience with the slow cashier who has had a long day and was just asked to stay over another two hours because someone called off. He wants us to practice sexual purity even though our flesh tries to override that message. He wants us to practice obedience to Him even when others are not.

Are you a part of the active production or are you just going to be left at the table? Aaaaaaaand Action!

Just another day’s journey of learning how to be a better doer and not just a hearer. Peace.

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