Tomorrow is Today (My spin)

today-is-tomorrow-2A few months ago I read a devotional about a woman who’s child was excited about an upcoming celebration. This child did as most children and asked her mom everyday about the event. Well as the date arrived the woman had gotten so used to responding as if the event was far off, that when the day arrived she told her daughter that the event was “tomorrow.” Of the course the excited child reminded mom of the date and simply stated, “Mom, tomorrow is today!”

I don’t really remember most of the devotionals beyond the week or sometimes the day that I read it but this one has stuck with me as a reminder of beginning again. At the time I was trying to begin a work out regimen but I would keep saying, “I’ll start on Monday” as if Monday was some great start to a beginning. I realized at the time that it didn’t matter what day I began as long as I began my regimen.

Fast forward to today. “Tomorrow is today” translates to other areas of my life. It translates to my writing my book, writing my blog, working on branding, how I run my house, conversations that I avoid, and when I choose to stick to my personal time with God. If I keep putting off the necessary things until tomorrow. Tomorrow may never come. I have to actively choose my what I will do and follow through.

I have fallen away from remembering that “tomorrow is today” and feel encouraged and empowered to begin today.

Consider joining me on just another day’s journey of remembering that tomorrow is today. Peace.

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