Living Today Like It’s My Last

So teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12

resolutionsEvery year people create New Year’s resolutions that are supposed to be a guide to how they would like their year to unfold. People resolve to lose weight, to become debt free, and live their life to the fullest. As the year unfolds you may find that those who began their weight loss journey stopped going to the gym; those who began paying off debts with the extra money lost their focus; and those living life to the fullest decided that the task would be too much of an effort.

I get it. Change is a challenge especially if there is no real plan in place to help a person follow through. After my car accident last year I vowed to live life differently but I fell into the same patterns as most people. I couldn’t seem to get started with living my life to the fullest until…I realized that there were others who experienced the same thing as me but I was spared.

Yes, I did have to go through some counseling to be able to cope but I never had to go through months of physical therapy. My husband also did not have to explain to my boys why mommy was not coming home. These are things that I don’t take lightly since I personally know other families that had to experience these same challenges.

I wonder if like me they had a moment of clarity that made them realize that the cliché is true. Life really is too short to leave any stone unturned. Ironically I did leave many stones unturned last year but not this time. There were deadlines that I missed, interviews that I did not take, and events that I did not attend because I didn’t number my days. I took my life that is a precious gift from God for granted.

survivorI don’t fully know what God’s plans are for my life but I know that it is time for me to stop playing with my gifts. It is time for me to permanently tear down my walls of protection and allow The Protector to take care of me. I have to live out the scriptures that remind me of God’s promise, purpose and plans for my life. I refuse to miss out on another relationship or opportunity because I was too afraid of the outcome.

My plan is to not only live this year fully but to live the rest of my life as if it is my last. I will say what needs to be said in the moment even when it is uncomfortable. I will write from my heart with purpose and intentionality. I will get comfortable with being uncomfortable and share as God leads me. I will write out my goals and follow through fearlessly.

calendarSo as God teaches me how to truly number my days by filling them with his purpose and plans for my life, I pray that I will do it fearlessly and consistently. I pray that I gain His wisdom and that I am not discouraged by the challenges that will come. I’m getting ready not just for the new year but for a lifetime.

Just another day’s journey of learning how to live today like it’s my last. Peace.

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