Preparing for the Feast of My Purpose

multitaskingAs I sit down tonight I feel slightly overwhelmed by all of the things that I feel like God is saying to me right now but I trust Him. I trust that when David talked about the steps of a good man are ordered by God that he meant me, too. There are so many projects going on in my head that I know I must have paper and pencil or a voice recorder handy at all times.

I also have to get a calendar and begin to map out a strategy for these tasks. I cannot go through this season of my life doing things when the feeling hits me. I have to be intentional in my actions.

feastI almost feel like I am preparing for a major dinner in which I cook all of my family’s favorite dishes or maybe even a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings and dessert. That’s pretty funny considering I am not a fan of cooking. (I am drop by your house with a dessert type of girl but I digress)

As with cooking a large meal there is a lot of preparation that happens. Dishes that can be prepared before the day of the dinner are a must. Then there are those dishes that can only be prepared on the special evening. The thing is that if you are the only cook, you can only prepare one dish at a time. Your dishes must be timed just right for everything to come out of the oven and off the stove.

It is no secret that I am a writer, a blogger, and budding author. The trick is that I have never tried to do all three at the same time but since the first of the year it seems that all of these gifts are trying to get my attention. I guess you understand my analogy about cooking now. LOL I have been getting ideas about various projects from God and I feel like I cannot keep up. I certainly will try to do my best to do all that I hear Him say.

The other side of this new challenge is that I still have a family, husband, friends, and then homework for my craft to do. Just like the world does not stop while I am cooking in the kitchen, my responsibilities and obligations do not stop. Oh, I am not complaining at all. I am actually pretty excited, grateful and humble that God has chosen me to do the tasks that He is requiring.

let goI am excited because in the past I would have told God in my own way that I was not the one He wanted to use but this time I understand that this is not about me. I am grateful because He could have chosen someone else for the task considering my track record but He did not. And I am humble because He knows my story better than I do and He still wants to use me. Actually it is my story and my experience that He wants to use to bring Him glory.

If you only knew who I was this time last year you would know that living my life inside my safe comfortable box was what I thought I wanted to do. I thought that I was perfectly happy to continue to live safely and only letting people get close enough to know my name. Because of my gifts I would open my box long enough to allow you close enough to ask for insight but that was it. I was so complicated. LOL

Well that complicated, in the box living, safe, careful to not rock the boat girl is gone and ready for this next level. I am ready to leave it all on the field as they say in sports and do what God is calling me to do. I am ready and willing to prepare this feast that God has given me.

Are you ready and willing?

Just another day’s journey of preparing for the feast of my purpose. Peace

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