No Funeral

I know this is probably a morbid conversation that most people avoid but we have conversations like this in my house all the time. Do you think my family would have a fit if I did not want a funeral? I am thinking that when I go I want people to go and do something … More No Funeral


The picture of the sun making it’s transition is perfect for this particular blog because that is exactly what I am doing in my life right now. I am trying to go on to another chapter of my life while still enjoying were I am. Currently I am trying to figure out the fine balance … More Transitioning

Starting Over

Starting over can seem like the hardest thing someone will ever do. You stand at the base of the rubble of what was and question everything that you ever knew or thought you knew. The life that you had planned for yourself and dreamed up never seemed to take hold or maybe it did. It … More Starting Over