See Right Through Me

It always amazes me that people who really know you can see things in you that you never really saw or intentionally overlooked. I sat down with a close friend today to discuss my next steps for life from a professional perspective. Although she was acting in her professional hat it still was her personal and spiritual insight that allowed her to share with me things that she had seen in me and believes that it will serve some people very well.

I am grateful for the opportunity to hear someone else’s perspective about next steps that I had never considered. I even attempted to shut a door closed but it seems that God has shown her something that I was unwilling to see initially. My husband and I call it my “box syndrome.” For those of you that have been reading my blogs know that I like to compartmentalize my life according to my strange thinking. LOL Apparently God is still gently reminding that He is in control and wants everything out of my nice neat boxes. smhlol

I guess it’s just another day’s journey of those closest to me being able to see right through me for God’s glory. Peace.

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