Keep Dreaming – My Tribute

I don’t usually write on Sundays but today is an exception. I attended an awesome writer’s workshop yesterday that gave me so much insight and perspective of what it really takes to produce, market, and sell a book. I was reminded of some things that I have read or researched but it also taught me about new things that I may have never known without attending.

As I sat today reflecting over what I had learned I realized that although God had taken home my mentor and social network friend home with Him that He had provided me with yet another person to pick up where she left off. My mentor taught me to believe in myself and my writing ability. She taught me about the do’s and don’ts of producing a book from a consumer perspective and she made me believe that one day I would have my work in print.

Through the workshop my new mentor shared practical things that my late mentor did not get a chance to share simply because it was not time. The old saying that,”Timing is everything” could not be truer. I would even go a step further to say that divine timing is everything.  God strategically placed this woman in my life almost a month to the date of the death of my late mentor. I bought her book and never thought any more about it until the workshop.

I believe that Dr. Kisia Coleman came at a time in my life when losing momentum in the season of life that I am in could be critical to whether or not I stay on course to write what God has shared with me or not. Blogging is awesome but I know that there is a message that has to be shared with others beyond the blogging world to encourage them on their journey to know that they are not alone in their challenges and that they don’t have to stay stuck in the aftermath.

I am grateful for another day’s journey to keep dreaming with my eyes wide open. Peace.

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