Will you be known for your love?

http://bible.com/114/jhn.13.34-35.NKJV When I think about what has happened in the media since same-sex marriage was “made legal” it makes me sad. I am not saying that Christians shouldn’t have an opinion about the decision. I am saying that it is not the principle matter. Jesus called us to go and make disciples for the Kingdom … More Will you be known for your love?

I Have Secret

Have you ever had a secret that you couldn’t tell and wanted to tell? Everything within you wanted to scream from the mountain tops, “I have a secret!” It’s the kind of secret that could cause mixed emotions for others but would settle your mind. Well I have a secret and I can’t tell a … More I Have Secret

Victory is Possible!

Today our church had some guests from an organization called Defy Ventures. They are an awesome organization that helps convicted felons get back on their feet through discipleship and business mentorship. They teach them how to use their skills for a greater good despite their past. Hearing their stories today reminded me of my mission … More Victory is Possible!

Young Hip Hop Christian Not the Church Lady

When most young people think of Christianity, they think boring church people who never have fun. Rahkal Shelton used to think the same thing before she decided to go all in for Christ. Her relationship with Christ prior to her commitment to serve Him was casual at best. Shelton’s strict Jewish and Christian upbringing made … More Young Hip Hop Christian Not the Church Lady