Get Up and Live (Renamed)

I confess it’s been a while since I have written consistently. I have not been true to myself and lost focus of my purpose. I started out as a blogger who just wanted to share my general ramblings about life and insights that God shows me about every day life. Apparently, listening to well-meaning people I felt like I needed to do things a certain way and then just backed away. I guess I forgot to apply an old saying, “Eat the fish and spit out the bones.” In short, take what you need and leave the nonessential stuff behind.

Can I tell you another secret about my short stay away? Come in closer. I listened to the lies of the devil that told me that I wasn’t as good as another favorite author in an area that interests me. I believed it for a short time despite knowing that God has a plan for me that won’t look like anyone else.

Maybe my experience was like the prophet Elijah in 1 Kings 19 (read it when you get a chance). The prophet had been obedient to God and he was victorious in every battle. Unfortunately after the victory against Jezebel, Elijah allowed her to get into his head. He forgot for a moment Whose he was and believed the lie that Jezebel told him. He became so depressed that he was ready to give up but an angel came to him and told him to, “Arise and eat, for the journey is too great for you.” In other words get up from there and live. Live out the purpose that God has for you, Elijah!. God still had more for Elijah to do. And he has more for you and me.

Don’t allow the lies of the enemy (even if the enemy is within) to stop you from doing what God has destined you to do. Get back in the saddle and live.

Just another day’s journey of remembering God’s truth over the lies of the devil so that I can live out God’s purpose for my life. Peace.

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