I Have Secret

Have you ever had a secret that you couldn’t tell and wanted to tell? Everything within you wanted to scream from the mountain tops, “I have a secret!” It’s the kind of secret that could cause mixed emotions for others but would settle your mind.

Well I have a secret and I can’t tell a soul. It’s a good secret yet I still can’t tell until the appropriate time. At first I didn’t understand why I needed to keep this secret but I know that revealing it may cause mixed emotions. It may even cause people to take away my joy in having this particular secret because they don’t understand my faith and trust in God.

So I wait patiently until the day that I am allowed to scream loudly from the mountain tops with a loud speaker, “I have secret! Yay me!” I just realized that while I agonize over my secret that there is another party who must do the same. Only their response isn’t as joyous as mine.

The other person who knows the secret has to come to grips with their own realization and acceptance. Not to mention what that means for them. So I keep my secret not just for me but for them to be able to do what they need to do in the mean time.

I’m sorry this blog is so cryptic but this is the only way that I can honor my truth in this journey and respect the secret. Writing for me is therapeutic and if I didn’t get this out I would just scream…into a pillow! LOL Check back with me later to see how this secret works out.

Just another day’s journey of not screaming, “I have a secret!” Peace


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