I Have to Remember: Video Blog in the Raw

For the past eight weeks I have been a part of an online Bible study with Proverbs 31 Ministries where we have used A Confident Heart by Renee Swope. Each week there was a challenge to blog about the things that we were experiencing and learning as a result of the study. With the exception of this blog, I only accepted the challenge once.

During week five we read a chapter that was titled “When Doubt Whispers I Am Such a Failure.” (Yes I felt that too.) I really wanted to blog but for some reason I was not ready to share so transparently and openly about how I saw my failures. Maybe I had not realized that God’s grace was sufficient #enough to get me through my fear of sharing so deeply.

The following video was simply me taking audio notes for something that I planned to write but God had other plans. When I finished my recording on my drive to work God told me to share it in the group that I facilitate. I was terrified of sharing but I was obedient. There were those who told me that my words echoed their feelings and they were grateful for the reminder.

My fear of sharing is now gone thanks to going through this online bible study. I know that my confidence is in God and not in my abilities, talents or gifts. I pray that as you listen that you are reminded of who you really are in God as I have been reminded. I pray that you know that He is more than #enough for you and that you know that His Word is true. Remember His promises and His truth for you.

Just another day’s journey of knowing that I have to remember…Peace.

6 thoughts on “I Have to Remember: Video Blog in the Raw

  1. Don’t ever forget God is merciful!! You are so useful. He doesn’t want perfect people. He needs those of us with pain and regret to help others see His light! I know how you feel though. Every time I write a post I worry I have over shared my failures, and there are many of those… Keep sharing your heart. He has a purpose for you!

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