Young Hip Hop Christian Not the Church Lady

When most young people think of Christianity, they think boring church people who never have fun. Rahkal Shelton used to think the same thing before she decided to go all in for Christ. Her relationship with Christ prior to her commitment to serve Him was casual at best. Shelton’s strict Jewish and Christian upbringing made her conflicted about what she believed and as a result she decided to put the two on the back-burner until a few years ago. Rahkal had an indescribable experience with God that turned her into a student of the Bible which in turn grew into a close personal relationship with God.

This change has made a few friends who knew her before this commitment to challenge and remind her of her past but Rahkal is unchanged by their disbelief or lack of understanding. She believes that the same all in, down for whatever, VIP section, swagged out girl can be a Christian with a real relationship with God. She says, “Those same attributes I had in the world transfers to the kingdom [of God].” Her faith is unshakable and her belief is unchangeable.

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