No Funeral

I know this is probably a morbid conversation that most people avoid but we have conversations like this in my house all the time. Do you think my family would have a fit if I did not want a funeral? I am thinking that when I go I want people to go and do something I love doing like eat breakfast, go to an amusement park, or one of those game room places with all sorts of games. Maybe the less invested bunch could go to a jazz restaurant and order salmon and some lovely dessert. Maybe they could just take a road trip and buy knickknacks for other folks. I know…they could go downtown and find every Streetwise vendor and buy a paper in my name or serve at Breakthrough Urban Ministries shelter for the day. I want to be remembered for what I loved doing by people doing it not by people sitting around talking about it.

Just go enjoy another day’s journey in honor of me with no funeral. if my family let’s you get away with it. Peace.

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