New Baby?

What is it with women who reach a certain age and want one last chance to have a baby? I am not talking about women who have never had a child. That is a totally different conversation. I am talking about women who have a child or children who is at least 10 years old or older and want a baby. I know, right? LOL

My husband thinks that I am crazy since our youngest is 11 years old. LOL I’ve seen this on sitcoms before and said, “That will never be me.” I guess I didn’t know that it’s some sick twisted right of passage. Who wants to do pampers and breast feeding with now? I don’t have to carry an extra bag and can go to amusement parks with my children. I don’t really need a sitter because of my older children but if there was a baby…? I would not want them to care for my child.

I pray that this is just a passing phase for me. Otherwise I might be sharing about just another day’s journey of starting over with my new baby. LOL Peace.


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