New Sister

Have you ever felt so close to a person that you have only shared a few conversations? I am a part of a life group at my church and one of the life group participants almost feels like a long lost relative. Although, she doesn’t say much, when she does speak it’s with such passion and intentional thought that you can feel it. I feel drawn to her like a sister and that says a lot about who she is as a person and me in my growth.

I don’t let people in to my inner circle easily so for her to get this close and this soon is huge. It means spiritual growth and maturity for me. It means divinely connected, too. Each time I have read her words, my heart almost feels what she feels. To me that is more than a life group partner but a sister in Christ.

I’m glad that we found each other and I look forward to growing in God on just another day’s journey with my new sister. Peace.

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