Balancing New and Old Traditions: Father/daughter dance

After watching one of my favorite reality shows it made me realize that father/daughter dances or father/son events really don’t happen as much as they did back in the day. I understand that statistics have shown that as Americans that we have less two parent homes as we did when our parents were coming along but I don’t think that this tradition should change. There is so much to both learn and teach with these types of traditions.

  1. It teaches us the importance of the role of the father in a child’s life
  2. It teaches us the importance of finding an appropriate father figure to step in where the father is unable as a result of death, deployment, divorce, or absence
  3. It holds the village accountable to help raise the child(ren) with the appropriate balance.
  4. It helps both parents to realize the importance of both roles
  5. It helps fathers to come out of the shadows that they often are left in until father’s day
  6. It holds the father or father figure accountable to follow through on the role of teaching values that are often missed by one parent.
  7. It helps to demystify the myth of supermom and validates the role of the father

I love my mom and she did an awesome job but I know from working with clients and working in the youth department the importance of the role of a father. I wonder what would a father/daughter dance or father/son event look like for adults.

Just another day’s journey of figuring out the importance and balance of new and old traditions. Peace.

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