More Than They Do?

I am at work frustrated to tears again about my dang patients. I must really care about them or something for me to be moved to tears because one of them just did not buy into his recovery. I naively thought that because of the changes within my state of only covering their medication for a period of time would motivate them to take their program to another level. So of course I asked for prayer from someone to help me to remember that I serve as a guide to them and not a “tow truck.”

God then reminded me that just as I want this for my patients He wants things for me, too. He wants me to live righteously and free from all things that keep me bound but he’s a gentleman. He patiently waits for me to come back to Him. He never forces me to go His way. He offers me an opportunity to allow him to walk with me. I am sure God gets frustrated with me when I don’t do what He has already destined me to do. How could I think that I should be able to do more than the Father and Great Creator. My patients will change when they are ready just as I will make changes in my life for the better.

So grateful that God showed me myself in this situation. Just another day’s journey of learning that I cannot want it more than they do any more than God does. Peace.

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