Work on the Weekend

It’s so funny. I don’t care what type of case management job that I have, I end up doing something related to work on my days off. I know you are wondering what the heck is this person talking about today? Forgive me for rambling but this is a doozy. Ok Let me start over.

I posted on my personal facebook page a two days ago that I was watching the news about prescription drug addiction which sparked a interesting conversation. Basically I ended up having a conversation about the fact that from a service provider perspective there is no difference between prescription addiction and street drug addiction. Addiction is addiction.

My friend chimed in and said there is a difference as if it was in a class all to itself. She then inboxed me and began to explain the differences between dependency and addiction. She further explained the fact that street addicts knew what they were getting into. She some other things but they all were basically trying to say the same thing which was there is a difference.

I almost felt like I was talking to a client when responding to her. I explained the full picture of dependency instead of the small piece that she shared. I then explained that there is a difference to understand with what she was attempting to describe. It was really pain management and that is different as long as it doesn’t teeter into abusing the system to get more of a 90 day supply that was used up in 30 days or less. I could on and on but then I would be at work again.

My point is or was that even when I am tired of a particular position I will always have the knowledge. I have to share the truth of what I know. I don’t I am responsible for not sharing kind of like not sharing God with others. Yeah you knew it going here. As much as I try to keep each part of life in nice little compartments life does not work that way. There will be some parts that spill over because it apparently fits into my purpose. God’s plan for my life.

Wow! I guess that’s why my name means messenger of God. As much as I’d like to keep certain things to myself I can’t. The things that I try to keep are not mine but God’s and he desires that I give it all away. Wow! So I guess the next time I try to keep my compartments nice and tidy I will allow them to be a little messy and just spread the knowledge evenly according to what God has for me. I also guess that will include my writing. LOL

Just another day’s journey of my ramblings about me doing work on the weekend. Peace.

One thought on “Work on the Weekend

  1. What an interesting argument to have….trying to split hairs between dependency and addiction. I think I smell an argument crafted to escape condemnation. I’m commenting, not because I’m judging, but only because it reminded me of how prone we all are to make excuses for the things we struggle with. “Our case” is always different, we always have “justifiable reasons” for being in our predicament. I have no way of knowing if that is what this conversation was really about, it only reminded me of this fact.

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