Support Groups

As private as I am, I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy my support groups. It is absolutely wonderful having a place where I can voice my concerns about my challenges and triumphs and know that someone else understands. It is comforting to know that someone has felt or is feeling the same way that I do. (Is that my compartments opening again? lol read previous blog)

It never occurred to me the magnitude of the impact of a support group until this moment. I look forward to not only checking in about myself but to read about other people experiences. I guess that is the way church is supposed to be but I guess people feel like they maybe judged because that is one large support group with all sorts of people.

The same type of people that attend support group are the same people who attend church. There is the person who is in denial and attends because this is what they “need to do.” Then there is the person who attends support group that sees everyone else’s issue but never acknowledges their own. Oh don’t forget the expert. They tell everyone else what to do while appearing to have it all together but they never have done anything. They are great motivators, though. Finally there is the person who attends support group for guess what? Support. They want accountability, support, encouragement, shared wisdom and experience, and most of all they want to know that they are not alone. They want to know that they are not the first or the last to experience what they are going through.

Well I consider myself to be the latter person of my descriptions. I no longer want to be the know it all expert that motivates others. I want to be the one that is motivated and empowered, encouraged and supported, held accountable and to reciprocate all that I receive.

I pray that both in my support groups and in my relationships at church that I am able to do all these things and more. Just another day’s journey of enjoying my support groups.

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