Answered Prayer Through the Message

I’ve been struggling with something for a while now. I feel like the more progress that I make in this particular area of my life the more I fall short. I take 1 step forward and then I fall 2 steps backward so today I prayed. My prayer was specific. Lord send me clear instruction in Bible Class tonight…

Although I joined Bible class late due to me working on another writing project the parts that I heard was just for me. It’s as if God knew…duh…since He knew that I would be entering at that moment the sound seemed to turn up just so that I could hear the preacher say what I needed. I laughed to myself and said, “Lord you are funny.” As I sat listening to more of the message I thought oh surely God has been talking to this preacher about my business. Then I laughed, again.

No God did not share the intimate time that we spent today with the preacher who taught class but the Holy Spirit did share some insights that I could use. I am so grateful for just another day’s journey to receive an answered prayer through the message. Peace.

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